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Short & Stout Taper Candle Kit

Short & Stout Taper Candle Kit

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Easily make your own lovely taper candles with this shorter and stouter variation of our beeswax taper candle rolling kit with everything you need to make 5.5 inch tall and 3/4 inch in diameter rolled beeswax candles. 

Your kit will ship in our hand stamped cardboard box and will include either twelve or twenty-four 5.5" x 8.5" (colored sheets are 5.5" x 8") pure beeswax sheets and enough untreated square braid cotton wicking to make wicks for each candle, along with a simple set of directions. And if you have any questions at all about making your candles you can simply contact us and we will respond as quickly as we can (typically well within 24 hours).

Click to see samples of the colored wax. 

See how easy your candles are to make here.

Do note that multiple quantity orders will be combined into a single box. 

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