Candle Colors

Check out our current color selections. Do note that these colors tend to vary from batch to batch and will also look different depending on what screen you're currently staring at.

Choose the color you want in one of our candle making kits

black beeswax for candle making kitsblack

burgundy beeswax sheets for candle making burgundy

light bluelight blue

blue candle making kitblue

cranberry beeswax sheetscranberry

green beeswaxgreen

indigo color candle making kitindigo

ivory beeswax sheets for candle  makingivory

mint beeswax sheetsmint

peach candle making kitpeach / apricot

pink candle making kitpink / mauve

purple beeswax candle sheets for candle making kitspurple

red beeswax red     

rose colored beeswax for candle making kitsrose / light pink