Super Easy Peasy Candle Making

Alexander M candle making

Making beautiful beeswax candles can be super easy. While our candle kits are mostly purchased for and made by adult hands, we have designed them to be easy enough for a typical 1st grader to do - along with some parental guidance of course. And we've had many customers tell us their children enjoyed their candle crafts. Each of our kits includes detailed (perhaps overly so) directions along with some pictures to help you along. But here are the basics. 

Begin by simply laying your wax flat and squish the included wick into one end.

Then start rolling the beeswax up and over your wick - this is perhaps the trickiest part, but it's still hardly hard. 

And then continue rolling until you're all rolled up and ready to burn.

rolling up a candle from one of our candle making kits

Yup, that's pretty much it! You can see all of our Easy Peasy Candle Kits Here

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