LX Wicking

LX Wicking

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We've got some fine LX wicks for your candle wicking needs. LX wick is quite versatile and can be used with paraffin wax, soy wax and other vegetable waxes. These flat braid 'self trimming' wicks are designed to curl slightly, reducing mushrooming and soot, and provide a consistent, stable flame.

These wicks are unprimed and ready for your candle making needs.

Candle making is a bit of an subjective art form, but below are some general candle sizing to wick size guidelines. Depending on the wax you're using and how you prefer your candles to burn, you may find your personal sizing tastes are quite different than the suggestions below. Experimentation is the only true way to figure out what will work for you and the wax you've got. Treat these as rough estimates to start your trials with.

LX-8 Votives & Containers [paraffin ~1.25"]

LX-10 Votives & Containers [paraffin ~1.5" / soy < 1"]

LX-12 Votives, Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~2.0" / soy ~1"]

LX-14 Pillars & Small Containers [paraffin ~2.25" / soy ~1.25"]

LX -16 Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~2.5" / soy ~1.5"]

LX-18 Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~2.75" / soy ~1.75"]

LX-22 Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~3.5" / soy ~2.5"]

LX-24 Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~4.0" / soy ~3"]

LX-26 Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~4.25" / soy ~3.25"]

LX-28 Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~4.5" / soy ~3.5"]

LX-30 Pillars & Containers [paraffin ~4.75" / soy ~ 3.75"]

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