Raw Beeswax Blocks & Chunks

Raw Beeswax Blocks & Chunks

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No candle wax truly compares to pure, raw beeswax and we've got an assortment of beautifully fragrant beeswax for your beeswax candle making needs. We always have several different kinds on hand and our selection changes from time to time as we're beeswax connoisseurs and always looking from something new and amazing to try. 

The beeswax will come in blocks, plugs, and/or chunks. Choose either 12oz or 48oz sizes - amount shipped may vary plus or minus an ounce. 

Midwest Strips beeswax is, as you may have guessed, from the Midwest, and comes to us in long, thin easy to use strips. This lightly filtered beeswax has a beautifully mild and sweet honey note to it that my kids tell me reminds them of their Halloween candy.

The Musky Dark beeswax is raw and lightly filtered from Germany. This beeswax has mild but lovely somewhat smokey and nearly chocolaty scent to it that seems to perfectly match its deep complexion.

The Fragrant West is raw & settled from the Pacific Northwest and/or Midwest and carries a sweet and somewhat perfumey scent. This beeswax has a wonderfully beeswaxy scent.

Premium Canadian has a beautiful, mellow yellow hue and an amazingly sweetly floral and wonderfully fragrant scent that makes you just want to take a bite out of this raw wonderwax.

Smokey Cologne is a fine US beeswax that has a mildly sweet and cologne or perfumey scent along with a smokey note giving it a beautifully delicate waft. 

The Sweet & Spicy beeswax, raw and filtered, also from the Pacific Northwest, has a sweetly warm and spicy scent to it.

Our Plugs come in convenient 1oz plugs, or small cylinders, and has a subdued sweet and smokey scent to it. This wax is filtered and not quite as fragrant as our other two options, but you may find it more consistent for easier candle making.

US Organic is, obviously, an organic beeswax and features a perfectly mild, sweet and smokey beeswax scent.

The differences in scent are from the different areas the bees forage as well as the filtering methods of the beeswax. No artificial scents or anything else has been added, these are just pure chunks of beeswax.

If you need any advice or help with your beeswax candle making (or cosmetic making) process, feel free to contact us and we'll reply as quickly as we can.

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